HLI introducing itself

In Germany, traditionally a strong separation between research and consulting exists which further extends to practical implementation. The logistics field is not an exception for this separation it remains as a consistent problem for many companies to find a partner for their future projects.


Hamburger Logistik Institut (HLI) finds its competitive advantage in the form of research and consulting in the field of logistics/supply chain management. HLI combines the best out of research and consulting for its customers in order to bring out an innovative concept that can be practically implemented. HLI bridges the gap between research and consulting by acting as a neutral partner between the technical and logistical partners of a supply chain.

HLI’s own AutoID (specialized on RFID-UHF – Radio Frequency Identification) research lab supports the smooth integration of research concepts into practical applications. HLI – Laboratory forms a focal point for all stake holders involved in the deployment of AutoID in supply chains, by deriving standard methods when introducing AutoID in supply chains. A special attention is given to the implementation of RFID- and/or Barcode-Systems in small and medium-sized enterprises to realize efficiency gains.

HLI promotes innovation under the motto:


Analyse   – Understand the current process and identify the points eligible for potential improvements using modern analytical methods.

Optimise  – Optimize the current processes with the help of customized scenarios.

Realise    – Realize and implement the obtained results in the practical environment.

In general, HLI is committed to produce a sustainable logistic process. A couple of reference projects are stated below:

Research Projects


(www.seflog.de) – Is a supply chain security project funded by the German ministry for education and research (BMBF). The goal of the project is to develop a safe and efficient logistic maritime container transport chain which remains robust to any kind of criminal or terrorist attack. HLI being one of the active partners of the project takes the major role in carrying the project towards its goal.

Key Competencies - Supply chain security management, Identification and development of high risk scenarios, assessing security technologies

RFID in logistics


Development of performance tests for the implementation of RFID systems in logistic processes – Is one of the major projects funded by the Government of Hamburg which also remains as a perfect example for Public Private Partnership (PPP). The project is a brainchild of the HLI Laboratory, where a series of performance tests are conducted on RFID Systems based upon the real time requirements of a logistic process:

Key Competencies - RFID System layout development, Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing of RFID Tagged Logistic components.


RFID Implementation in firefighting trucks – The HLI Laboratory is testing the possibility of implementation of a RFID System on firefighting trucks in order to improve its service efficiency through inventory monitoring, equipment fitness and equipment life cycle.

Key Competencies – RFID system development/testing, Integration of RFID into firefighting truck, Enrollment into Humanitarian Logistics as well as offshore windenergy


HLI has offered consulting services to a wide range of customers covering the areas of:

·         AutoID/RFID Implementation, Sorting and Positioning

·         Supply chain security management

           o   Secure processes

           o   Personal and organizational policies/methods

           o   Use of safety devices

·         Transport optimization

          o   Defining optimal routing and number of delivery tours

·         Warehouse optimization

          o   Centralized warehouse

               -  Defining requirements for premises

               -  Finding premises and organizing the move

               -  Implementing new logistics set up into new premises

          o   Analyzing and updating product line with regards to market need, existing premises and purchasing agreements

·         Production process optimization

          o   Analyzing and adapting the production line

          o   Lead time monitoring/reduction, scrap reduction

The customer base of HLI covers special purpose vehicle manufacturers, trading companies, food production industry and medical, dental and health care products and devices, equipment manufacturers and traders.